First understand that what is called
allergies is actually a behavioral choice.
Then change ways to solve the problem.
Allergies Explained and Solved

Here is the recipe.

Numero uno.

Realize that so called allergies are....a behavior.

Just as some people walk one way and others walk differently, or as some
people handle dogs one way and others handle them another, allergies are
just a way of handling things.

So solving them is completely under the control of the sufferer.

Now philosophically speaking, any one person's problem may be any other
person's doing.

At the same time, since the person at the center of the problem is right
there, and can solve the problem, for the most part I will focus here on what
the central person in the situation can do about the allergies.

So to get back, once you realize that allergies are a behavior, changing the
situation is just a matter of changing choices.

There are many reasons why people engage in allergic behavior, most of
them are unconscious. Once you find the reasons, you just convince
yourself to handle things differently, and voila, the allergies are solved.

You don't even have to find all the reasons to make a big difference. The
solving process is incremental, meaning that if you find some of the
reasons, and change, the allergies will be somewhat solved. The more you
find and adjust, the more they will be solved. Mine are ninety percent
solved and still today I found another reason and solved them some more.

Here are general reasons why people engage in allergies.

- In order to deal with microscopic irritants. While that may sound like a
good idea, the problem is that allergies are overkill.

- To get attention.

- To communicate something.

- To satisfy some spiritual need.

- To achieve some other aim.

So the thing to do is figure out why you are doing it and adjust.

Here is a good case example, mine.

I had the worst allergy problems. It took maybe thirty to forty hours of work
to mostly solve them.

This is what I did. The order of this list probably does not exactly match the
order I did it in.

One key thing I did was look at myself and realize that the reaction I was
having did not even look healthy. I mean here is a reaction that is
supposedly protecting me from particles. How does a red swollen face help
me? Logic says that it does not. So I made it clear to myself that this
behavior was not looking good. I mean did I really need all these symptoms
just to deal with some particles in the air? The answer was no.

Another thing I did to convince myself to change my ways was look at other
people around me. They were surviving in the same environment and were
not engaging in allergies. So logic dictated that it was likely that I did not
need the allergies to survive either.

After I considered these two ideas, the allergies were already lessened.

Another key thing I have done is ask myself what unconscious reasons I
could have for continuing this behavior.

One key thing turned up. I had actually had had some kind of good
experiences related to the allergies, experiences that were related to
getting help with dealing with them. So I was kind of continuing the behavior
for sentimental reasons. I decided to relate in other ways and sure enough
the allergies were less.

I also found other unconscious reasons for engaging in the behavior. As I
adjusted these situations I further changed the behavior.

Now here is a huge move I made.

I looked at the reaction I was engaging in and it looked violent. I considered
that and realized the following. If someone invaded my house, I would not
be satisfied with just getting the person to leave. I would want to give them a
shove or a kick on the way out the door. The parallel on a micro level was
that I wanted to give invading particles a kick on the way out the door too.
So I was reacting violently to the invasion. That is why my nose was so red.
It was the violence. So I meditated on the idea of gently getting people to
leave my place.

That took care of a lot.

I also tend to be somewhat passive aggressive. So my allergic ways could
be a way of playing the victim. Poor little me, being invaded, and look how
much I am suffering.

Another image I found that appealed to me was this one, blasting people
out the door with a fire hose. That is a lot like an allergic reaction. So I
meditated on that idea until it had less appeal and that helped too.

I had other unconscious ideas and desires that either made me want to
behave that way or that looked just like allergies somehow, and by dealing
with them I changed the behavior more and more.

So that it pretty much it.

You just figure out why you are doing it and figure out a better way of
handling things.

That is the deal. Once people worldwide become aware of how to do this,
allergy season will become a thing of the past.

Now you know.