For all those suffering with what is called
als, getting onto the road to health can
include developing a better understanding
of how the disease is created and then
applying wellness creating approaches to
solve the problem.
Seeing ALS as Created and Solvable

Als is a created situation that, like all life experiences, is the logical outcome
of the conscious and unconscious choices of the people involved. This is a
key thing to realize in order to change the situation. As discussed in the
Intelligent Creation section of this site, creations can be changed by
changing choices.

How you respond to the problem determines how the creation will be
changed. If you respond in a healing way, you will heal.

One thing you can do to start is take a step back from the diagnosis and
say to yourself that you are having problems accomplishing certain things,
that something is going wrong and that you need to figure out why this is
happening and make some positive adjustments so that this changes.