ALS to Health
Once one understands how als is created,
one can get to work creating health. Here
is an outline for doing that.
Working From All Angles

If you look at what is called als as a situation characterized by a person's  
degenerating by disconnecting, possibly in response to stress or trauma,
then it becomes apparent that what needs to be done to solve the problem
is to reduce the stress and trauma affecting the person while at the same
time changing the person's approaches to make them healing approaches.

Part of the reason one needs to change the approaches of the person is
that the person may be reacting to the stress and trauma of the situation,
meaning that the person initially responds to stress or a particular trauma
by disconnecting and then the situation just feeds on itself, with the new
stress and trauma being the degeneration itself.

The disconnection response can have conscious and unconscious aspects.
The fact that much of the creation of als is unconscious is part of the
reason why people perceive the disease as something that appears for no
reason. They are not aware of the als creation choices being made.
Reducing Stress

One easy way to reduce stress is to stop stressing. This gets back to the
no fear ideas in the Foundation section. There are plenty of examples of
people who go downhill quickly after being diagnosed with als because they
are so stressed by the idea of the diagnosis. On the other hand, I spoke to
one guy who was living a fairly normal life close to six years after being
diagnosed. He seemed to attribute the slow progression partly to the fact
that he does not get worked up about anything.

Another great way to reduce stress is to resolve conflicts in one's life. Outer
conflicts with others create stress and sap energy. So working things out
with others can relieve stress. Inner conflicts also create stress and sap
energy so resolving things within oneself also relieves strain.
Reducing Trauma

To reduce trauma to the neurons and to your body in general, look at
things in your life that could be beating them up. While a lifetime of working
with toxic chemicals could create a cellular situation that would be
challenging to change, you can carefully make changes to what you eat
and do other things along those lines. You need to be careful with this as
quick changes can shock your system. For example, I have talked with
people who seem to have gotten really hurt by, of all things, quitting
smoking too quickly. So this needs to be a carefully handled process.

Organically grown grains may be better than hormone, pesticide and
antibiotic laden low grade meat that can be offered on sale because it is
raised in factory conditions. Water may be a better drink than diet soda.
Medication can be toxic. Again, be careful. If you stop taking medication
that is holding you together, you can create a new problem.

Emotional trauma can also be reduced. Just think, every time you get angry
or negative, every time you say or do a mean thing, you are doing
something that has an effect on your system. Learning to react positively
and in a healing way to anyone and anything will change all that.
Changing the Degeneration Response

Changing the neuron degeneration pattern takes using the fact that your
body is a manifestation of your conscious and unconscious drives and
patterns. The degeneration is the result of creative processes and
behaviors directed by those conscious and unconscious drives. So by
redirecting those drives and changing the patterns, you can change the

The first approach that you can use involves taking advantage of the
relationship between what one does in the world and what goes on within
one's body. People tend to use similar methods in various areas of their
lives. So approaches that people use to deal with problems in the world
tend to be similar to the approaches that they use within their bodies. What
this means is that by changing way one acts in the world, one can change
the approaches that are being used in one's body.

The problem in your body involves disconnection, communication
breakdown and attempted escape from trauma. So to change that, carefully
and considering possible consequences, learn to handle problems in the
world by using healing, resolving approaches rather than by escaping or

More information on what constitutes a healing approach can be found o
"Approach" page of this site.

This is best done carefully. Big changes in the way you handle things can
make a mess of your life if they are done in a rushed or traumatic way. The
all around consequences of any change need to be considered. Having
said that, if you look at your life, you will see the escape patterns. They
could include such things as moving to another town to get away from
certain people, joining the military to get away from home, taking a job that
has you on the road a lot, inviting friends over so as not to have to deal
with a problem with your partner, going fishing to avoid arguments or going
long distance running a lot to avoid problems. As you learn to deal with
things and resolve them, the same thing will start occurring in your body.

You can also use more advanced techniques such as meditation to
discover unconscious ideas, desires and patterns that underly the creation
of your circumstances. The premise to this is that the als degeneration one
is experiencing is the logical result of one's conscious and unconscious
choices or intention. Basically, though a person experiencing als may feel
like a victim, the person is in a way unconsciously choosing to create als.

Another way to look at this is that a person experiencing als or another form
of disease is actually in a state of inner conflict. Consciously the person
may want to be able to function. Unconsciously, the person is intentionally
creating disease.

So what can be done to change this is the following. Use meditation or
another technique to discover the unconscious choices and ideas that
underly the creation of als. Then a few things can be done to change the
unconscious ideas and choices.

One thing that tends to happen naturally, is that these disease creating
unconscious choices or ideas, once made conscious, do not make that
much sense and tend to fade.

Another thing that can be done is to apply one's sense of rightness and
use riding out to process the ideas and choices and adjust them to make
them more healing.

Really, whatever approach is being used to deal with the unconscious ideas
and choices, the basic idea is to correct misconception and change
degeneration creating choices to healing choices.

Here is an example to illustrate how this works. A person experiencing als
may be having problems using his hands. This would indicate that the
person is somehow conflicted about being able to use his hands. So the
person would need to find out why he unconsciously is choosing to have
that problem. This choice will be based on a non healing approach that
leaves the person in a state of conflict. Something needs to be changed
and resolved. Once the person finds the ideas and choices underlying the
situation, the person adjusts that now conscious approach to life to make it
a healing approach. By doing this, he will change the underlying choice and
thus will create hand health rather than hand degeneration.

Key als related ideas or buzzwords that indicate aspects of one's
consciousness that can be changed to solve the problem include avoid,
disconnect, drop, escape, get away, get rid of, remove myself and let go.
For instance people who develop als often talk about removing themselves
from situations rather than healing situations.