First see autism for what it is. Then use
healing approaches to solve it.
Autism Explained and Solved

People all over are worried about something called autism, They blame it
on genes and spend time and energy looking for a medical cure for it.

The truth is that there is absolutely no need for any medical intervention to
solve autism. Autism is simply consciously and unconsciously chosen
behavior. People engage in autistic behavior because, on conscious and
unconscious levels, they erroneously believe it to be in their interest to do

So the prescription for solving autism is equally simple.

Find the conscious and unconscious drivers of the behavior and change
The Autism Illusion

There is an untrue story out about what is called autism.

According to this story, autism is caused by genes and in order to solve
autism, one needs some kind of medical intervention.

This is mostly incorrect and is essentially an illusion.

The illusion persists for the following reasons.

Many of the choices underlying autism are made unconsciously. So a
person does not realize that he or she is making the choices. Given that the
person is not aware of making the choices, the person and those around
the person can remain under the illusion that the problem is eminating from
biological problems. In addition, people often do not understand how the
conscious choices they make can create what is called autism.

Genes are incorrectly considered the cause of many problems including
excessive drinking and other behavioral issues. Someone experiencing
what is called autism, therefore, may easily fall into the trap of believing that
genes similarly are the underlying cause of the problems he or she is

People are often reluctant to believe that they are creating the problems
they or people around them are experiencing. So,they respond negatively
to and strongly resist entertaining theories that indicate that what is called
autism is created by people.

The result of the confluence of these factors is a persistent illusion.
How Autism Arises

What is called autism develops in the following way.

A person, for some reason which is often some type of traumatic
experience, chooses to engage in some type of dysfunctional behavior.

The outcome of choosing to behave this way is further problems.

The person or people around the person make additional choices which
exacerbate the situation. These choices can include believing that there is
something wrong with the wiring of the supposedly autistic person.

Solving the problem called autism can be done by changing choices.

A first choice to make in the autism solving process is to choose to
understand that autism is just the result of the coming together of a group
of beliefs and choices. Once a person's situation is correctly perceived in
this way, the person and the people around the person are no longer in the
trap created by the autism illusion.

Another big part of solving autism is for the person experiencing the
condition and people around the person to use healing approaches to
respond to life problems. For instance, in the cases of autism that arise
after a traumatic experience, the people involved need to learn to respond
to trauma in ways that create health rather than creating what is called

Generally speaking, once one sees what is called autism as a puzzle that
can be solved by the people involved, solving the problem is just a matter
of using healing approaches to change what is going on and create