First understand why cancer develops.
Then use healing approaches to solve it.
A Clear View of Cancer

While there are so many different things called cancer, they all have a few
things in common. One of them is that cells are multiplying or otherwise
acting in a way that creates problems. Another is that the energy underlying
and powering the situation is being directed by intelligence.

Essentially, cancer develops when factors in a person's life come together
to create the situation.

Another thing all these things called cancer have in common is that they
can all be solved by changing ideas and ways.

In other words, a person can change what is going on with cells by finding
what factors and patterns underly a particular cellular situation and
adjusting them to create a better one.
Genes and Cancer

While genes can be involved in the creation of cancer, genes do not really
cause cancer.

The truth is that factors, including gene activation, that underly the
development of cancer, are based on choices people make. So really,
simply put, whether or not a person develops cancer is determined by
choices made by that person and people that person is involved with.

For instance, stress can affect biological processes. So by making life
choices that create stress and then choosing to react to the stress in a
certain way, a person can create cancer.
Solving Cancer

The general idea of solving cancer is that cancer manifests when energy is
directed in such a way as to created cancer.

For instance, some people get cancer after years of smoking. Others who
smoke do not develop cancer. In the case of those who do develop cancer,
energy is being directed in such a way as to create cancer.

So solving cancer involves redirecting energy to create health rather than

While the adjustments that need to be made will differ depending on the
type of cancer, generally speaking, if a person experiencing cancer goes
over everything he or she thinks and does, the person will find ideas and
ways that logically create cancer. By adjusting those ideas and ways so that
they become healing rather than cancer creating, the person can solve any
cancer problem and create wellness.