By correcting and broadening one's
conception of reality, one gets into a
better position to heal one's life.
Misconception and Problem Creation

If your conception of reality is off and you act on that conception, your
choices will not match up with reality. This causes problems because
choices based on misconceptions will not get you the results you want or
How Misconception Can Block Resolution

Certain misconceptions can directly block resolution of a problem because
they logically indicate that the problem cannot be solved. For instance, the
misconception that people do not change indicates that a problem one is
having with another person may be unsolvable.

One common area of misconception in this resolution blocking category
centers around the understanding of genetics. People blame genes for
everything from personality to anorexia and misconceive so called genetic
problems to be unsolvable without some type of medical intervention to
change the genes.
Using Logic and Sense of Rightness to Heal Conception

In a world where one's conception of reality is incorrect and one is
surrounded by people whose conceptions are off, a way to correct one's
conception is by using logic, one's sense of rightness and conflict
resolution to work toward the truth.