First understand why diabetes develops.
Then use healing approaches to solve it.
A Clear View of Diabetes

People experience various types of problems with handling nutrients
including the problems called type one and type two diabetes.

What these problems have in common is that they arise when factors in a
person's life come together to create the situation.

Another thing they all have in common is that they can all be solved by
changing ideas and ways.

In other words, any person can produce as much or as little insulin as he or
she wants to. Producing the desired amount of insulin is just a matter of
understanding how certain processes can be adjusted and by applying that
understanding to create a healthy situation.
Genes and Diabetes

There is an untrue story out about diabetes.

According to this story, genes cause diabetes.

While genes can be involved in the creation of diabetes, this gene
determined view of diabetes is largely incorrect.

The truth is that factors, including gene activation, that underly the
development of diabetes are based on choices people make. So really,
simply put, whether or not a person develops diabetes is determined by
choices made by that person and by people that person is involved with.

For instance, stress can affect biological processes. So making life choices
that create stress can contribute to a person's experiencing diabetes.
Solving Diabetes

By following these ideas, one can solve type one or type two diabetes.
One thing you can do is resolve things in your life and get your act together
so that there is less stress. The better managed your life is and the less
conflict there is in your life, the healthier you will be in general.

on insulin producing cells, healing this situation involves a focus on
adjusting life approaches from attacking approaches to healing
approaches. It can also involve determining the unconscious ideas and
desires that underly the self attacking behavior.

Micro behavior is related to macro behavior and ideas. So the micro
attacking behavior going on in the case of someone who has developed
type one diabetes is somehow related to ideas and behavior the person
has or engages in on a macro level.

What this indicates is that a person can make progress in solving type one
diabetes by adjusting ideas and ways so that the person heals problem
situations more and attacks less. When the person learns to do this on the
macro level, the person will also act that way on the micro level.

Another aspect of changing behavior is finding the unconscious ideas and
desires motivating the behavior and adjusting what is going on so that the
person makes healthier choices. In the case of type one diabetes,
something is motivating the person to direct and attack on certain cells. By
discovering what is going on in the person's unconscious and then
adjusting the situation to create healthier behavior patterns, one can make
the situation healthier.