Attitude and character structure underly
success. This foundation section has ideas
for optimizing attitude and character
Opening Up To Possibility

First thing to do when there is something you want to change is to open up
to the possibility that you can change it.

Even if you have difficulty believing that you can change something, or
solve some problem or improve a situation, entertaining the possibility that
you can opens the door and allows you to get started.

In fact, one thing that I have seen change people's energy levels and
improve their health and lives is considering the idea that any problem is

You could even spend time actively considering problems that you have
difficulty believing to be solvable and work at entertaining the possibility that
each is. Be careful with this. This simple exercise can change your being
significantly. You may want to try doing it for ten minutes one time. Soon
afterward, you may feel hyper or weird and your energy level may be
higher. A problem or stressful aspect of your life may start to resolve a bit.
This all happens because in working through these ideas, you are
changing your underlying conception of reality and the way you function.
Maybe you have been avoiding something that you feel cannot be
changed. Now that you have changed your conception of that situation, you
will feel and act differently.
Being Fearless

It is one thing to dislike something or find something challenging or
uncomfortable. It is another to fear it.

Fearing is a sort of withdrawal and gets in the way of dealing with things in
one's life.

So learn to see things that you might fear as challenges that you can
handle calmly. In other words, it isn't going to help to freak out and get all
fearful. So, act in the best possible way, which is to maintain inner calm in
all circumstances.
Sense of Rightness

To improve your situation in an imperfect world, you need a guide,
something to judge by to determine what to do and whether you are
actually making things better. One thing that serves this purpose is your
own sense of the truth, beauty or rightness.

You need to be careful here, because your own conception of reality is off.
So your sense of the truth is not the same as your belief system. You  can
actually use your sense of rightness to correct your own false beliefs.

One's sense of rightness has at least five aspects, physical, emotional,
mental, intuitive and spiritual.
The Problem of Pride

Pride, in the sense of the word that concerns self image or means you feel
you are somehow better than someone else, can really slow you down.

Much of the healing process involves becoming aware of things you could
do better and changing your ways to get better results. If you are
concerned about your self image you may resist learning new ideas,
changing old ideas or admitting mistakes.

You may resist assistance from someone whom you do not see as your

Any of this can hamper your success in healing yourself.

So you need to have a different type of confidence that is based on your
sense of rightness rather than some sense that you are better than others.
While being better may seem valuable, in some deep sense, it is worthless.
See how pathetic it is to go around comparing oneself. Just do what you do
and like it or change it.
Being Smart

There is a common phrase, "too smart for one's own good."

While this may make some sense some way, the truth is that if one were
even smarter, one would more easily see the errors of one's ways.

So, if you want to get healthier faster, get smarter. If you feel that you are
too smart for your own good, then solve that by getting even smarter.
Being Happy Now

You can find a way to be happy in your current circumstances.

You can look at life as an adventure, and decide that even the toughest
moment is just another part of the adventure.

Live life as a game that you are playing to win. If you blow up, just keep
playing the game. As you get better at the game, your life will get better.

Any problem is solvable, So just keep playing and getting better and solving
and enjoying.
Taking Responsibility

In order to improve your situation, you need to see how you are involved in
the creation of your circumstances.