Hair Loss
First understand why hair loss happens.
Then use healing approaches to solve it.
A Clear View of Hair Loss

People experience many types of problems with hair, including male pattern
baldness, hair thinning and so called alopecia totalis.

What all these hair problems have in common is that they arise when
factors in a person's life come together to create the situation.

Another thing they all have in common is that they can all be solved by
changing ideas and ways.

In other words, any person can have as much or as little hair as he or she
wants to have. Getting the desired amount of hair is just a matter of
understanding how hair growth works and applying that understanding to
create the hair situation one desires.
Genes and Hair

There is an untrue story out about hair.

According to this story, genes determine how much hair a person has.

While genes can be involved in the creation of hair, this gene determined
view of hair growth is largely incorrect.

The truth is that multiple factors and patterns, including gene activation,
underlie hair growth. What goes on with these factors and patterns is based
on choices people make. So really, simply put, how much hair a person
grows is determined by choices made by that person and people that
person is involved with.

For instance, stress can interfere with hair growth. So making life choices
that create stress can result in a person's experiencing hair loss.
Solving Hair Loss

By following these ideas, one can solve any type of hair loss problem.

One easy move to make is to stop stressing or freaking out. When you
stress out or freak out, you freak the hair right out of your head. So, staying
calmer and creating inner peace will help you keep you hair.

Another thing you can do is resolve things in your life and get your act
together so that there is less stress. The better managed your life is and
the less conflict there is in your life, the healthier you will be in general and
the better your hair will grow.

A more advanced approach is to use macro matches micro to keep your
hair. What macro matches micro means is that what you do in the world is
also how you handle things on a micro level. In other words, if you react to
trouble by constantly throwing  people or things out of your life, then you
will throw out your hair too. So to keep your hair, learn to do more resolving
and healing and less tossing and you will start doing that with your hair as

One thing that is specific to some kinds or hair loss is testosterone. if you
have excess amounts of testosterone, that can be part of the reason you
are experiencing hair loss. One thing you can do about this is learn to live
in a heart driven way rather than a testosterone driven way.

The most advanced method a person can use to deal with hair loss is to
use meditation techniques to discover the unconscious ideas and
approaches that are coming together to create hair loss. Once these ideas
and approaches are discovered, to change the situation, adjust the ideas
and process to make them health creating  rather than hair loss creating.