Intelligent Creation
The universe and everything it contains
are creations directed by intelligence.
Therefore by changing the choices of
intelligence, one can change anything.
The Continua of Consciousness and Animation

Every creation in the universe has life to it. Some creations are more
conscious or more animated than others. For instance a tree is more
conscious and animated than a rock and less conscious and animated than
a chimp.
The Continua of Behavior and Creation

Just as there are continua of consciousness and animation, there are
continua of behavior and creation. Behavior and creation go on at many
levels including the molecular level, the cellular level and the multi celled
level. Within a multi celled structure, behavior and creation are going on
along continua including the multi cellular, single cellular and molecular
Seeing Problems with a Body as Directed Creations

Problems people experience can partially manifest as physical illness.
Seeing one's body as a directed creation makes clearer the path to solving
physical illness.

Physical illness develops when intelligence creates an uncomfortable
situation involving a physical body. There can be aspects of how a body is
created that contribute to the creation of illness. There can be aspects of
the way the body is directed that contribute to the creation of illness.