Multiple Sclerosis
For all those suffering with so called ms,
getting onto the road to health can include
developing a better understanding of how
the disease is created and then applying
healing approaches to solve the problem.
Seeing Multiple Sclerosis as a Created and Healable Situation

Multiple sclerosis is a created situation that, like all life experiences, is the
logical outcome of the conscious and unconscious choices of the people
involved in the situation.

As discussed in the
Intelligent Creation section of this site, creations can be
changed by changing choices.

How you respond to the problem determines how the creation will be
changed. If you respond in a healing way, you will heal.

One thing you can do to start is take a step back from the diagnosis and
say to yourself that you are having problems accomplishing certain things,
that something is going wrong and that you need to figure out why this is
happening and make some positive adjustments so that this changes.
The Simple Truth About MS

There are all kinds of theories about what causes multiple sclerosis. The
simple truth is this. To understand multiple sclerosis you do not really need
to look for any kind of genetic or biological cause. Multiple sclerosis
involves the immune system attacking the nervous system and what one
needs to realize in order to understand and solve multiple sclerosis is that
the immune system is attacking the nervous system for a reason or for
multiple reasons.

There are many types of reasons for the action of the immune system and
these reasons can involve such things as toxins, trauma, emotional issues
and other factors. Whatever the reason for the action of the immune
system, once one finds the reasons for the action and makes changes, the
immune system will act differently.
Using Healing Approaches to Solve the Two Key Aspects of MS

There are two key aspects of multiple sclerosis. One is that the immune
system is attacking the nervous system and traumatizing it. The other is
that the nervous system is scarring.

So to solve multiple sclerosis, one needs to change the action of the

Both the dysfunctional activity of the immune system and the sub optimal
response of the nervous system can be seen as approaches that could use
improvement. In both cases, true improvement would involve changing
these approaches so that the immune system and the nervous system are
doing things that are more healing.

One can achieve this change in approach by using the principles of micro
matches macro and internal matches external. In addition, by doing some
analysis of one's unconscious, one can find unconscious ideas and desires
on with those ideas and desires to create a healthier situation.

As with other similar situations, to succeed in solving multiple sclerosis, one
must work to understand what really constitutes a healing approach and
one must apply that understanding in all facets of one's life.