Every problematic situation is
characterized by forces in conflict. So
improving a situation always involves
redirecting forces and resolving conflict.
Reducing Stress by Resolving Conflict

While there are many ways one can get some temporary relief from stress,
one way to adjust ones life to really reduce stress is to resolve outer and
inner conflicts.
Defining Resolution

What is meant by resolution here is resolving differences and getting
people, ideas or forces lined up so that everything is in harmony. For
example, if two people do not get along, the event of one of them moving
away is not a resolution. Learning to get along and working things out
would be the type of resolution being discussed here.
Improving Wellness By Resolving Inner Conflict

Inner conflict is a situation within a person such that the person has inner
forces, such as ideas or desires, that conflict. Essentially this means that
the conflicted person is going through life having to constantly push against
the person's own self.

Inner conflicts can be conscious or unconscious. In other words, one may it.

Guess what. Fighting one's self makes things an effort and creates stress.
Things that seem as if they should be easy to accomplish can be very
difficult to accomplish. This makes sense. One is fighting one's self every
step of the way.

So, here is how you can improve your situation. If there is something in your
life that is difficult, or you are experiencing a problem, consider that you are
conflicted somehow in a way that relates to the difficulty you are
experiencing. You may or may not be conscious of the conflicting ideas or
desires. Either way, the thing to do is resolve them. To the degree that
inner conflict becomes resolved, problems will be resolved and life will
become less stressful and take less effort.

If you are not aware of being conflicted in a way that relates to the difficulty
you are experiencing, the conflict is unconscious, In that case, you need to
figure out what is going on, what you unconsciously desire or believe that is
in conflict with what you consciously desire or believe. Then, once you have
discovered the nature of the conflict, you can resolve it.
Improving Wellness By Resolving External Conflict

Living in conflict with others is stressful and having to deal with conflict in
one way or another when living or working with people with whom one is in
conflict takes effort.

Resolving conflict with others or working things out relieves the strain and
makes living or working together easier.