Riding Out
When Comfortable Does Not Match Up With Sense of Beauty

One aspect of learning to heal is getting in touch with one's sense of
beauty, truth and rightness. As discussed, this sense can be used as a
guide for making choices that will heal situations.

Many ways that people use to set thing up or deal with issues may seem
comfortable but do not match up with the sense of rightness and will not
create beauty in a person's life. So one often finds oneself in the position of
having a strong urge to choose a certain way of acting, while knowing on
another level that that way violates one's sense of rightness and will not
lead to a good outcome
Riding out is an effective way to handle
destructive urges, resolve conflicts and
heal wounds.
Resolve Conflict and Heal by Riding Out Urges

In these cases, in which one's urge is in conflict with one's sense of
rightness, the thing to do is be aware of and ride out the urge to make a
destructive choice and at the same time to follow one's sense of rightness
and do something that makes more sense and will really heal the situation.

The destructive urge can be very strong and not following it can be very
uncomfortable or even painful. This is what it can feel like to heal a wound.