Wellness Creating Approach
How one approaches a situation or
problem determines how things go from
there. In order to heal a situation, one has
to choose an approach that truly solves.
Key Aspects of a Wellness Creating Approach

In choosing a healing strategy or a way of responding to a problem, one
must consider all the effects of the chosen strategy. An effective healing
strategy will have holistically positive effects.

A good strategy is one that leaves everyone involved better off. Healing
responses create win win outcomes.

A good strategy, rather than solving one thing and creating problems
elsewhere, covers all aspects of a situation.

A healing strategy truly relieves strain and stress by adjusting various
aspects of a situation to improve it.

A truly healing strategy makes things better the more you use it. If a
strategy is truly a healing strategy, one would get only positive effects from
using it infinitely.

A healing strategy resolves conflict and creates harmony.

A truly healing strategy creates a situation that is beautiful on all sides.
Learning To Use Healing Approaches

Developing healing skill takes practice. The basic idea is to consider the
moves you make whenever you are dealing with discomfort to determine to
what degree you are really healing the situation.

You need to look at the results you get from the moves you make and
evaluate them. Stresses need to be really relieved and forces in conflict
need to be redirected so that the conflicts are resolved.

The more one works at learning to heal, the more one sees the
consequences of choices and the more one becomes aware of how
strategies affect things.
How Healing Strategies Can Apply To Healing Your Situation

Healing approaches can be used in multiple ways to heal your situation.

For one thing, healing approaches can be applied to your general life
situation to improve what is going on there. As you apply effective healing
approaches to your situation, relationships will work better and life will be
better in general.

Making your overall life situation better not only is good for its own sake,
but also relieves stress on your system. Relieving stress in turn enables
things to work better. The things that work better include your body. So
using healing strategies to improve your life situation will relieve stress and
contribute to improved body health.

Another thing that happens as you learn to use healing strategies in your
day to day life is that you will also apply them, often unconsciously, within
your body. Just as using healing strategies in your outer life improves the
way things go there, using them within your body improves the way things
go within your body. So your physical health will improve as a result of
learning to use effective healing strategies because you will apply them,
consciously and unconsciously, within your body.

In addition, when working on healing one's unconscious strategies, one
applies awareness of healing approaches to improving this aspect of how
one operates and to resolving the discovered internal conflicts.
Using Healing Approaches to Heal Cellular Problems

Cells, which can be viewed as intelligent little bits of a person or a person's
body, are generally directed by the person and can also be affected by
other people.

Illnesses involving problems with what cells are doing are essentially
created when the cells use non healing approaches. So, if the cells were to
instead use healing approaches within the body, they would solve illness
problems that they have created.

Given that cells are directed, if a person learns to use healing approaches,
that person will direct the cells in healing ways.

So by learning to use healing approaches, a person will change for the
better what is going on with the cells within that person's body.

This applies whether the cells involved in creating the illness are entirely
composed of cells generated by the body or are somewhat composed of
cells of another entity which has entered the body.